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Okay, it’s official. TechCrunch readers love slides. We occasionally embed slideshows from SlideShare like the one below (which is filled with its 2011 zeitgeist stats). In 2011, TechCrunch generated more slideshow traffic for SlideShare than any other tech blog—a dubious honor, but we’ll take it.

Since you all love slides so much, here are a few more facts from SlideShare.

  • Women use fewer slides on average (22 per slideshow) than men (26).
  • Popular presentations contain more images (37, on average) than other presentations (which contain 21).
  • The most popular tech companies mentioned in presentations are Facebook (39.9%), Twitter (28.6%), Google (19.1%), Microsoft (5.7%), and Apple (3.8%)
  • Only 1.7% of all presentations are done in Apple’s Keynote software, but Keynote makes up 8.2% of the most popular presentations.
  • The Japanese and Chinese use more slides on average than slideshows in any other language.


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